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LG's GT350 makes the KS360 look like a punk

Chris Ziegler

LG Neon and KS360 owners, avert your eyes, because seriously -- this thing might be like a knife through your fragile heart. Complementing the GD880 announcement today, LG's showing the full-QWERTY GT350 with a 3-inch WQVGA touchscreen that works throughout the UI, unlike the limited-function touch employed by its predecessor -- and just to twist that knife a little harder, they've gone from a 3-row keyboard layout to four. It's got Facebook and Twitter integration built-in with direct social networking access straight from the keyboard (good to see they're putting that extra row to use) along with push email and support for multiple accounts -- perfect for the young'un who isn't quite ready for a boring smartphone that's had all the life and joy sucked out of it. Like the KS360, this one will be available in a variety of colors -- blue, purple, silver, and black to start -- when it launches in Europe come April.

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