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Nokia Nuron for T-Mobile looking more official than ever in press shots

Chris Ziegler

We've got enough rumor momentum going now so that we don't really doubt the existence of the Nokia Nuron for T-Mobile -- but if you're the particularly skeptical type, you might like to take a glance at Cell Phone Signal's new press shots of the handset. As you can clearly see, this is a dead ringer for the 5230 it's been wrought from, the only difference being that it'll undoubtedly swap out the Euro 3G for some AWS bands that T-Mobile USA knows how to use. We'll admit, we're concerned from the outset that T-Mobile's going to make the grave error of trying to price this thing at $99 or higher -- but if the marketing wizards go for broke and price it down between, say, $30 and $50, we could see this being a serious low-end blockbuster. Is that crazy? Is it even a plausible scenario? Time will tell -- we've only got another month and change to wait if the latest stream of intel is accurate.

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