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Karate Champ, Amiga games coming soon to iPhone


Two companies have announced new iPhone releases of old games. First, Pocket Gamer reports that Cobra Command developer Revolutionary Concepts will release another Data East classic, Karate Champ, on iPhone and iPod touch. The port will feature Bluetooth and local wi-fi two-player, and will simulate the original dual-joystick interface of the arcade game.

In addition, Manomio, developer of the on-again, off-again Commodore 64 emulator for iPhone, has gotten an Amiga emulator working and plans to release Amiga games as standalone apps. According to Touch Arcade's report of a Retro Gamer magazine article, one of the first games in the works is another early karate title, International Karate+ -- a slightly more modern version of a C64 fighter. The two titles will then face off in a one-on-one battle to be the most popular retro fighting game.

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