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Nintendo: Replenishing Wii supply will be a 'challenge'


Nintendo has responded to Joystiq's inquiry into the current Wii supply issues, with Nintendo of America's Senior Director of Corporate Communications Charlie Scibetta telling us, "In the short term, replenishing Wii inventories will be a challenge." He continues, "But we are doing everything we can to satisfy consumers looking to purchase a Wii system."

Analysts have already pointed out that Nintendo's console sales, despite being record-breaking, could have been stronger had there been more Wii to go around. What makes this situation even stranger is the report from early December that Nintendo actually reduced Wii production going into the holiday. For the astounding amount of success the Wii has brought Nintendo, there appears to be some serious cognitive dissonance between how much the company thinks it should produce of the console and the actual demand.

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