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The Classifieds: Me too


The Classifieds brings you weekly updates on guild recruiting, rankings, splits and merges, progression and more. Have guild news or a Random Act of Uberness to share? E-mail

Skilltastic death knight Raegwyn of EU Zuluhed-H isn't the only player who's become renowned for soloing older instances and bosses. Demonstrating the power of the light is Kurushimi, a paladin from US Staghelm-H who's working his way through the heroic five-mans of Northrend. Already under his belt (all heroic): Azjol-Nerub; Culling of Stratholme; Halls of Lightning; Drak'Tharon Keep; Halls of Stone; Old Kingdom; The Nexus; Utgarde Pinnacle; The Oculus; Utgarde Keep; Gun'drak. Back in Burning Crusade content, Kurushimi has also soloed Magister's Terrace, Doom Lord Kazzak, Doomwalker, Morogrim Tidewalker, Al'ar and High Astromancer Solarian. See more of the carnage on Kurushimi's YouTube channel.

There's plenty of new content to talk about this week, too, with world firsts and guild rankings popping like mad. Let's open up The Classifieds ...


  • Raiding goodness <Aetherial Circle> of US Drenden-A is looking for shamans of any flavor (cited in ad: resto and cinnamon) and healers for both 25-man and 10-man ICC.
  • Norwegian speakers preferred <Field Trip> (EU Azjol-Nerub-A) is seeking more members for heroic 10-man raiding.
  • More EU recruiting <The Belonging Kind> (EU Bronzebeard-A) is looking for more 10-man raiders to build into 25-man content; ideal recruits will be age 23+, any level or class, raid DPS a priority; enjoy a casual atmosphere that won't push raiding over RL obligations.
  • Rise and shine <Mourning Ritual> (US Area 52-H) is recruiting all classes to raid 10-man ICC (building toward 25-man) on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings from 9 a.m. to noon.
Around the world of WoW

  • Gimmlette, GM of <Spectacular Death> (US Llane-A), has thrown down the gauntlet to all guilds across the globe: top (bottom?) their 0% (1,475 hit points) wipe. In this admittedly spectacular death, the guild was having a bit of trouble with XT-002 Deconstructor in Ulduar. "We aren't the most mobile of guilds," Gimmlette confesses, "so it can take a couple seconds to register that you have to run away when you see the bomb debuffs." Two-thirds of the way through the fight, a couple of people exploded; then the cascade effect began. By 10,000 hp, the tanks and one frantically healing elemental shaman were the only ones left up. It was a valiant effort, but it wasn't ... quite ... enough. (See photo, above.) The guild did take the boss down on the next attempt, earning Nerf Gravity Bombs in the process. Now, they're challenging other guilds document a wipe at even lower final boss health. "SD is a group of (cough) highly trained professionals (cough)," Gimmlette says, "and dares any guild to get closer than this and wipe." Is your guild up to the task? Send your screenshots and stories to
  • "Sex Advice From World of Warcraft Players" -- sound intriguing? Unfortunately, this limp feature at can't even manage to keep track of which "advice" has been covered from page to page. (We hope you're interested in vibrator etiquette, because you'll have several opportunities to grab hold of the proverbial buzz.) A fresh entree into mainstream media for WoW players? /yawn
  • It's one thing to roleplay in game, but what about mounting an entire theatrical production? Grad student Tim Balzer did just that, devoting his entire master's thesis project to the effort. While the project never made it through to performance, it did ignite Tim's enthusiasm for getting actors on the stage in game -- and he's looking for volunteers who'd like to participate in a new production. Get in touch with Tim via Malumus on US Dark Iron-H, Ingineb on US Emerald Dream-H or at balzer (dot) tim (at) gmail (dot) com.

  • If today's the day you were hankering to watch a full BB King/For the Horde world PvP raid featuring 40 gnomish Santa's helpers on reindeer, you're in luck! <Is a Subatomic Particle> from US Zul'jin-H recorded the fun, finishing up with a friendly Black War Bear victory parade around Dalaran.
  • Speaking of PvP, QueueQ Premades invites newcomers to drop by and check out their cross-realm, premade Battlegrounds on the Bloodlust Battlegroup. Visit their web site or stop by the Vent channel (port 6735, no password) for more information or to queue up.

  • Best wishes go to <Clan Wilkes> of US Garona-A on their third anniversary in WoW. The guild celebrated with a bash at the beer garden in Dalaran, followed by a run to Ahn'Qiraj for mounts, achievements and fun. Here's to three more years!

Guild rankings

It's progress time! With the opening of the final stretch to the Lich King, the world-first boss kills and achievements are rolling in.
Rankings listed below were accurate as of Tuesday evening.
  • 25-man Progress Congratulations to top three Arthas-killers <Paragon> (EU Lightning's Blade), <vodka> US Alterac Mountains and <Blood Legion> US Illidan.
  • 25-man Achievements Only eight of the 17 guilds who were tied at the top last week managed to stay there this week, boasting 1,375 points.
  • 10-man Progress Kudos to world-first Lich King conqueror <Blood Legion> US Illidan, as well as <Ensidia> EU Tarren Mill and <For the Horde> EU Nazjatar.
  • 10-man Achievements Nine guilds sit at the top of the charts with 1,340 points.
  • 10-man Strict Progress Congratulations to world leaders <From Chaos> US Suramar, <Jaxx Money Crew> EU Sunstrider, and <Vox Immortalis> US Hyjal.
  • 10-man Strict Achievements Kudos to <Vox Immortalis> of US Hyjal, leading the entire pack with 1,305 points.

Random Acts of Uberness
  • <Knights and Weekends>, US Reckoning Battlegroup-A "These guys were just incredibly competent. We had no wipes, and I don't think we even had a death all the while we picked up the speed run from Arthas. It was also my first time on heroic through HOR, but that didn't faze them. We actually got PUGged into HoR first; then we went back and did the other two. If I had to leave my server for some reason, I would definitely move over to be with them. And of course, as a 'Weekend Warriors' guildie, becoming a 'Knights and Weekends' guildie wouldn't be too bad. :)" (Vickitt, US Scarlet Crusade-A)

The Classifieds brings you weekly updates on player and community news, guild recruiting, rankings and more. Have news, guild event screenshots or a Random Act of Uberness to share? E-mail (If you're recruiting or seeking contacts from other players, please include your guild's web site address.)

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