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Global Agenda extends free time from launch, commits to new features in coming months


"We want to earn your subscription."

Those are the words spoken by Todd Harris in today's Global Agenda newsletter just before he revealed the upcoming features and additions being made to the action-based MMORTS shooter... game... hybrid... thing.

To show their commitment, the studio will be extending their free subscription period from the end of February all the way to the end of March while they make more tweaks and enhancements to the game. By the end of February players will have the ability to select the PvP match types they want to play from the mission select feature (as it was in Closed Beta,) and Hi-Rez Studios will be introducing an in-game friends/ignore list -- one of the game's most requested features. More AvA zones will also be added, giving Oceanic players and European players some territory to fight over during their prime play times.

Beyond just adding a few tweaks here and there, players can look forward to larger additions to the game. Things like open area missions set outside of Dome City (deviating from the game's linear dungeon design), a 4v4 PvP match type, a PvP match type for 10 man pre-made strike teams, and more mission types being added to AvA. Conquest players will be seeing a 2-point control type match being added to the rotation for areas that have no facility built on them, and a special payload type "move the cart" match for agency resource raids.

Crafting will also see improvements as well, with new item types, new loot types, more prestige items for your character, and, most importantly, the addition of repair kits to repair weapon/armor parts. There was nothing worse than spending time crafting enhancements for your armor and weapon, just to have them break a few matches later. Now you can repair your parts instead of watching their durability wither down to nothing.

All in all, an impressive set of features are coming to Global Agenda. They want to earn your subscription.

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