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WoW Moviewatch: A Moonkin Space Oddity


We've talked about the sublime, unknowable joy of the Moonkin in previous Moviewatch installments. There's something wonderful and subtle about these creatures. A sort of oddness that sets them apart from your average creature. That's why it seems to be a particularly beautiful inspiration to couple Moonkin with David Bowie in BeeblesTV's A Moonkin Space Oddity.

The video is straightforward and wonderful. The story is about a Moonkin who longs to return to his home. He embarks in a short, earnest quest to put together a rocket, and then shoots off into the sky. The video might feel like it runs a little long, but I promise the final bits make the journey worth your time. The filming isn't fancy or complex; instead, Beebles has focused in on his simple narrative. He lets the elements of his art do the heavy lifting.

Like I said, putting Moonkin and David Bowie seems like a natural thing. Beebles gets a tip o' the hat for thinking of this coupling. And, really, it's hard to go wrong with Moonkin.

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