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Mass Effect 'Redemption' issues flying off retailer shelves


If there's one thing we can say the Mass Effect series has going for it (besides impressive graphics, interesting combat, and complex characters), it's the great story. We may not be the types to invest in literature based on our favorite gaming franchises, but the first two issues of the Mass Effect comic -- a series titled "Redemption" -- may actually convince us otherwise. Heck, they've already turned lots of other folks; the first issue sold out in under three weeks and the second issue took just six days, according to CBR News.

It certainly doesn't hurt that Redemption explores the actions of our favorite Asari while she searches for answers on Shepard before the story continues in Mass Effect 2 -- can we help it if we miss her a bit? Okay, okay, we miss her a whole lot. Where have you gone, Liara?! We just wanna talk, baby!

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