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EA Sports honors 'Game Changers' in its online communities


Over the weekend, EA Sports announced a new community influencers program that it's calling "Game Changers" -- the idea is that the publisher will choose big EA sports fans who use their online community know-how "to improve the experience and overall growth of the EA SPORTS Community." Presumably, you have to yell "EA Sports" whenever you say it, which would be why the name is in all caps. The chosen few will get early access to EA games, as well as represent the community while giving feedback on future releases.

They've picked nine guys (no girls) so far, all of whom are active in the various EA communities and forums. They've also posted a video of the program's kickoff, and while we were totally going to make fun of it for sounding like a cliched sports team ("It's the dream of a lifetime, we just go out there to do our best" and so on), that Anton B dude actually gets a little choked up at the end after being honored with Game Changer of the Month. So all right, Anton, we get it. This Game Changers thing may not mean too much to the rest of us (just like the Xbox Ambassador program, it's just a way for the company to connect directly with their community), but everybody's got to have their thing, and this is yours. Rock on for that.

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