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PSA: RE5 'Lost in Nightmares' DLC out now for $5, Costume Pack for $2


As expected, the first of two Resident Evil 5 expansion episodes, "Lost in Nightmares," has been released today on Xbox Live (tomorrow on PSN) for the unterrifying price of 400 ($5). An additional Costume Pack, also the first of two, has hit the Marketplace as well, for 180 ($2), and joins the free Extra Figures DLC that appeared on Monday.

Capcom has also confirmed that the second episode, "Desperate Escape," previously dated for March 3 and 4 on XBLM and PSN, respectively, will also launch at the 400 / $4.99 price point and be joined by Costume Pack 2 (180 / $1.99).

Finally, on March 9, Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition will hit retail, combining all of the aforementioned DLC (on the PS3 disc; through vouchers in Xbox 360 copies) with the original game for $50; a not-so discounted bundle for anyone who hasn't picked up the original RE5 (now $30), which was released last March. So, if you're not too interested in piloting air ships and wranglin' chocobos that week, Chris and Sheva have got your back. Will you have theirs? Hmm?

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