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VoxOx Universal Translator makes multilingual communication a breeze

Darren Murph

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Despite being launched at Mobile World Congress, VoxOx has yet to make a mobile version of its Universal Translator. That said, the desktop version is still quite useful for those with Windows or OS X-based rigs who attempt to communicate with friends -- particularly with friends who speak a different native language. The new software build enables real-time language translation for SMS chat, social media and email, and so long as the VoxOx client is pulled up, you can send and receive any of those messages in your own tongue while receiving translated messages in return. Granted, we get the idea that some phrases will be quite literally lost in translation, but this sure beats accessing Google's Language Tools for each questionable phrase. Hit the download link below to grab a copy, and head on past the break for a video demonstration of what's on offer.

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