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PSA: Beware of StarCraft 2 beta scammers


As you may have heard, the StarCraft II beta is now officially underway. Right now, beta invites are streaming to email inboxes everywhere. As a result, scammers are out in full force as well, hoping to phish some account details from unsuspecting Blizzard fans. In order to help you avoid this potential trick, our friends at have provided a simple guide for determining if a beta invite is legitimate (the one shown above is a gag made by us, incidentally). Simply follow the steps below to see if your beta invite is the real deal:
  • Type into your browser (no typos) and it will go to the secure site appropriate to your region.
  • Enter your account info.
  • Under Manage My Games, choose Add or Upgrade a Game.
  • Enter the Beta Key provided in the email where it says Enter Game Key.
  • Press Add Game.
If the beta is properly added to your account, you're good to go. If the beta key doesn't work, or if the email directs you somewhere else to obtain a key, it's not a real invite. advises users to forward any fake invites to

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