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Halo fan selling off huge collection of merchandise for two good causes

It's still a little early in 2010 to be handing out our "Human of the Year" award, but a forum poster by the username of Seraph XXVII is already high atop our list of candidates. In a recent post on the fan site, Seraph displayed his massive Halo memorabilia collection, seen above, and revealed that he'll be auctioning the whole lot off within the next few days.

Half of the proceeds from the auction are going to Child's Play, and the other half will go towards paying the medical expenses of a fellow forumite, whose fiancee learned she had a tennis ball-sized brain tumor last week. Needless to say, both of these are great causes -- if you've got room in your home for six bajillion miniature Spartans, why not show your support once the auction goes live?

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