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Nokia hints at augmented reality Maps and 3D smartphones in its future (video)


You know what happens when we see a video pop on Nokia Conversations (Nokia's official blog) featuring a senior VP from Nokia's smartphone division? Everything stops -- who knows what might be revealed during an informal, semi-scripted chat. When asked about Nokia's future smartphone technologies and experiences, Jo Harlow, SVP of Smartphones dives right into a discussion of augmented reality as a means to enhance existing Nokia services like the Ovi Maps experience. She then shifts to an entertainment perspective since "everyone's talking about 3D." As she sees it, there's an opportunity for mobile to be earlier to 3D than typical television development to mobile. That means content, specifically 3D games, which Jo says "could be very, very interesting in terms of enhancing that experience." One can only imagine that what interests Nokia's Senior VP of smartphones will ultimately interest manufacturers on the way to retail. And it's not like Nokia's been shy with its 3D prototypes in the past. Watch the discussion unfold in the video after the break.

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