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BCC launches Alex, the laptop free of hassles but not monthly surcharges (video)

Tim Stevens

What's better than paying £400 ($615) for a laptop from a place that won't tell you isn't very forthcoming about what's inside it? Paying that much for a laptop that then comes with a £9.99 ($15) monthly fee just to use the thing. It's the Alex from BCC, the Broadband Computer Company (not to be confused by the Alex from Spring Design, or Alex Bushill from the BBC), a somewhat chunky looking laptop loaded with some custom layer over Linux promising an always updated, always ready, and incredibly easy to use experience. It also has a round mousepad that says "Alex" on it. The machine should be secure, shipping with a USB thumb drive that must be plugged in for it to work -- something we're guessing most people will never bother to unplug. There's online file storage and a UI full of pretty colors, but we're having a bit of a hard time with that cost. That said, if you're the perpetually on-call tech support person in your family it might be a small price to pay for some peace and quiet.

Update: TheLostSwede dug through the Alex site and found a spec sheet. We're talking 1.6GHz worth of Intel T1600 Celeron power, 1GB of memory, a 15.4-inch display driven by integrated graphics, 120GB of storage, and a DVD/RW drive. Hot stuff, readers. Hot stuff.

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