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iPhone chalkboard lets kids be adults and adults act like kids


There's a huge world of creative, crafty people on, and we're always hearing about new Mac or iPhone-related products that have been developed.

The latest, by Etsy shop owner and artist "PlayingGrownUp," is the cool iPhone Chalkboard (US$25.00 plus shipping), The chalkboard is hand cut and painted to look just like the iPhones that Mom and Dad use. It has a wonderful funky folk-art feel to it, which is exactly why I want one in my office.

Judging from some of the pictures accompanying the iPhone Chalkboard, you can use either regular chalk or Chalk Ink markers to draw on the surface. The artist notes that she will customize orders, so if you'd like an iPhone Chalkboard showing one bar of AT&T 3G service or your favorite grouping of home apps, you might be able to have one made. There's no word from PlayingGrownUp on whether or not an iPad Chalkboard will be forthcoming after the end of March.

[via iPhone Savior]

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