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Kondo KHR-3HV robot celebrates Engadget Award with a new Linux backpack (video)

Tim Stevens

Yes, Kondo KHR-3HV, you were our choice for robot of the year, and we see you're celebrating by going out and getting yourself some new gear. We like your taste. Inside that fancy new backpack is a 32-bit Samsung ARM CPU running at 200MHz, powerful enough to handle Linux and things like onboard image processing and object recognition. It also supports WiFi, meaning Kondo can beam what he sees wirelessly and become a roving security guard -- a very small and non-lethal security guard, but a guard nontheless. This kind of tech (shown off in a video below) will set you back ¥60,000, or about $660, and yes that's just for the backpack. (The bot itself goes for somewhere north of the $1,300 range.) So congratulations again on your victory, 3HV -- just don't let it go to your webcam.

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