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Microsoft 'actively working to improve' 1 vs. 100 prizing process


With the conclusion of another 1 vs. 100 season on Xbox Live, it appears Microsoft still has some kinks to work out of its grand (and fun) online game show experiment. After receiving several tips and reviewing forums, it was made clear that some players were having problems obtaining their awards.

Joystiq followed up with Microsoft and was told, "We are aware that some people have experienced delays in receiving 1 vs. 100 prizes. We apologize for the delay and are actively working to improve the prize fulfillment process. We encourage Xbox LIVE members to ensure all of their account personal information is up to date so Microsoft can determine prizing eligibility. If you have any further questions, please contact your local customer support."

A major issue with the 1 vs. 100 prizing seems to be the number of minor details of which players may be unaware. For starters, prize winners should wait up to six weeks before hitting the panic button. There's also the issue of location: Remember that residents of Connecticut, Iowa, Maryland, Vermont, and Quebec can't receive prizes (and shouldn't even participate in the live shows). Prize winners (actually, all Xbox Live users) should also make sure their email and contact information is current. It also helps to review the game's Mini FAQ. Before the next season of 1 vs. 100 starts we'll follow up with Microsoft to see what improvements it has made to the process. Just letting players know if they are even eligible for prizes -- before starting them off in their first 1 vs. 100 Live show of the season -- would likely alleviate several issues.

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