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Battlefield Bad Company 2 PC walkthrough gets into the nitty gritty


For those of you wondering just how superior the PC version of Battlefield Bad Company 2 is to the console iterations, the answer lies at least partially in the above PC version walkthrough. Sure, stuff like kit selection and squad layout is a bit more in-depth, and there's the near-ubiquitous (for PC games) server browsing/dedicated server support -- multiplayer count also gets a boosted 32-player count over the console's 24 -- but other than that ... alright, that's kind of a lot. When you also factor in DirectX 11 support (for fancy lighting, among other things), the differences get starker. It would certainly seem that DICE hasn't forgotten its roots as a PC game developer.

That said, even if you're a strident console-only gamer, the above walkthrough also gives us our first eyes-on with "Valparaiso" -- a multiplayer map apparently set in the Chiléan city. Here's a shocker: it looks just as impressive as everything else we've seen from the game thus far (even more so, graphically speaking, as it's running on a presumably tricked out PC). Bad Company 2 arrives on your console of choice (minus the Wii) in early March.

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