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GoGear Muse refresh sports touchscreen, Songbird media player, HDMI output


Looks like the Android-powered Connect isn't the only bit of GoGear news coming out of the armed Philips compound as of late. The Pocket-lint gang have got their hands on a refresh of the GoGear Muse and we should say that the thing looks pretty sweet. In addition to a rare new modern interface solution called "touchscreen," this bad boy eschews Windows Media Player in favor of the open source Songbird player, and sports an FM radio, iPlayer, Audible, FLAC, and APE support. As for video playback, the device's 3.2-inch display is complimented by a 720p HDMI out. Look for this bad boy in 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB sizes; all models include a 32GB microSD slot. We're still holding out on the definitive word regarding price, but apparently Philips is estimating something in the £100 - £120 ($155 - $185) range.

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