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Monster Hunter Tri releases April 20, will be free to play [update]


Update: Capcom sent word that the Monster Hunter Tri demo disc will be freely available to any GameStop patron starting March 8. If you pre-order the game, you'll also get a 500 Wii Points card.

Original post: At today's Nintendo Media Summit, Nintendo dropped some pertinent details about Capcom's very successful and Wii Speak-compatible hunt-em-up, Monster Hunter Tri. The game will release on April 20 in North America as two versions: bundled with a Classic Controller Pro for $59.99 (while supplies last) and as a standalone game for $49.99. The game will also ditch the pay-to-play model for online play, as used in Japan, in favor of free online functionality. Additionally, GameStop pre-orderers will receive a demo disc on March 8. Additionally, GameStop will offer free demo discs starting March 8 and those who pre-order will get themselves a card with 500 Wii Points on it.

Considering Capcom was beating itself up over whether or not to charge for online play, we're glad the publisher finally came around and went with the option that requires us to spend less money. Just imagine -- with all the money we'll save, we can import even more delicious ramen!

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