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New Samsung Galaxy Spica ROM leaks, tastes like Eclair

Chris Ziegler

Remember those rumors of an Eclair-flavored update for Samsung's Galaxy Spica earlier this year? Well, boom: it's not official just yet, but a gentleman by the name of Sameer Prabhakar appears to have scored a leak of an official customized ROM for Sammy's most diminutive Android set based on 2.1, which is even better than the 2.0 we'd heard we'd be getting before. Prabhakar says that the cut of Google Maps 4.0 included in the new firmware is a bit finicky, so our guess is that we're not looking at a final release here -- in other words, you might want to wait for Samsung to give the green light if you value stability beyond bleeding-edge awesomeness -- but this seems to be a good sign that we're getting close.

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