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NVIDIA GeForce GT 340 highlights introduction of 300-series cards, none are powerful enough to matter

Vlad Savov

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Is there a tribunal where you can bring up marketing teams for crimes against common sense? NVIDIA's epic rebranding exercise knows no bounds, as the company has now snuck out its very first desktop 300-series cards, but instead of the world-altering performance parts we've always associated with the jump into the 300s, we're getting what are essentially GT 2xx cards in new garb. The GT 340 sports the same 96 CUDA cores, 550MHz graphics and 1,340MHz processor clock speeds as the GT 240 -- its spec sheet is literally identical to the 240 variant with 1,700MHz memory clocks. To be fair to the company, these DirectX 10.1 parts are exclusively for OEMs, so (hopefully) nobody there will be confused into thinking a GT 320 is better than a GTX 295, but we'd still prefer a more lucid nomenclature... and Fermi graphics cards, we'd totally like some of those too.

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