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2K Sports: NBA 2K10 PC online patch is 'currently being worked on'


Many PC players of NBA 2K10 are reportedly having serious issues with the game's online functionality. While the degree of difficulty appears to vary from player to player, there are some pretty epic threads of woe being sewn on the 2K Sports and Steam forums regarding the game.

As one tipster explains to Joystiq: "Online support has been basically non-existent, despite it being clearly advertised by 2K. To be clear, when I say 'non-existent,' I mean 'non-existent.' This isn't an issue of slightly laggy gameplay, or anything like that. The lobbies in the game are completely non-functional, and it doesn't even seem possible to connect to other players."

When contacted, 2K Sports told Joystiq that a patch is "currently being worked on, and in the testing phase. It will be released as soon as it is ready." That's probably of little consolation to office chair athletes left playing a pick-up game by themselves, as this patch has apparently been in the works for months. On the bright side, considering NBA 2K is an annual franchise, maybe the next installment won't have the same problems?

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