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Listen to God of War III 'Blood & Metal' at AOL Radio


Want a taste of the "Blood & Metal" LP included with the God of War III Ultimate Edition? AOL Radio's Metal Mosh Pit station is now carrying six songs from the upcoming Kratos-inspired soundtrack:
  1. Killswitch Engage 'My Obsession'
  2. Trivium 'Shattering the Skies Above'
  3. Dream Theater 'Raw Dog'
  4. Taking Dawn 'This is Madness'
  5. Opeth 'The Throat of Winter'
  6. Mutiny Within 'The End'
The station plays songs randomly, so you may not immediately hear all of these ditties; however, it should give you a good idea of what's included in the $100 premium box you probably already pre-ordered.

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