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Player mounts in Battle of the Immortals explained

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

The developers at Battle of the Immortals are continuing to work on their game to prepare it for the planned closed beta in mid-April. Between now and then, the Perfect World Entertainment blog offers glimpses into what they're up to.

The latest entry for Battle of the Immortals delves deeper into mounts in the game, something that we've touched on before. The focus is on the system of leveling and progression of your mount, as well as offering screenshots of several of the available mounts (someone's been watching Ghost Rider!)

As your mount progresses from level one to level five, it receives various improvements, both cosmetic and functional. Visual upgrades are accompanied by more practical things such as a default skill and customizable skills that become available to your mount as it levels.

From the looks of things, mounts in BoI go way beyond what we've grown used to in so many games. Check out the full blog entry for more screenshots and information on what's to come!

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