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WiiWare game can turn your TV into an aquarium

Save has pointed out a new Japanese WiiWare title that turns your television into a glorified aquarium. Fortunately, it's more than just a screensaver (it had better be for 800 Wii Points) and includes a number of different features. Entitled Aqua Living: The Fish You Can Watch On your TV (no, really), the game allows players to create an aquarium using different themes, layouts and fish. Once the aquarium is set up, players can change the viewing angle or have the camera follow a certain fish. Players can also dive into the aquarium as their Miis, allowing them to directly feed the fish and explore the tank.

The game also includes a fish guide, which includes information on each species. Of course, all we want to know is if there are any fish with human faces in there. Follow this link to see the game in motion.

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