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Get your drink on with an epic Warhammer beer stein

Hey Warhammer Online fans! Are you looking for an awesome stein to quaff your favorite ale from, while tearing it up in PvP? Perhaps your tastes run more to the Mountain Dew side of the road? Whatever your particular drink of choice is, Mythic has you covered with their Order of the Griffon and Raven Host stoneware steins.

Offered in Epic (pictured) and Legendary style, these collector's steins are covered in the art of Michael Phillippi or Eric Polak, depending on if you pick the Order or Raven design. They also come with a code for a special in-game beer stein for your character as well. You can /drink while you drink -- very meta. Players will also get a 15% experience, renown & influence bonus for 120 minutes, which doesn't suck either.

The Epic steins are priced at $99 each or $179 for both, and are lined with ceramic interiors and have pewter lids. The limited edition Legendary steins are $159 each or $299 for both, similarly lined, signed by the artist -- and only 500 of each will be made. The Legendary steins feature 18k gold accents and lid for extra waaaaagh when you're rocking out to the Warhammer Online anthem; Kiss My Axe (While I Drink My Beer)!

If you covet one for your beer stein collection, then head on over to the 3Point site and get your pre-order in soon. Sure, they're taking them until April 30th, but with a low number of signed collector's editions available, we suspect those may disappear quickly.

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