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The Daily Grind: A better death

One of the biggest parts of the uproar about Allods Online is the Fear of Death mechanic, which requires players to either shell out money, wait for a long time, or wander out in the world with a nasty debuff. On the far other side of the coin, you have World of Warcraft, with a death penalty that essentially equates to "how long will it take me to run back from the graveyard" coupled with a very minor durability loss on gear. EverQuest in the old days meant slogging back to your corpse naked and potentially losing levels. City of Heroes just gives you xp debt, which can be pretty easily worked off. Death in Darkfall means someone will probably make off with your stuff.

With all the different death mechanics available in games, we thought we'd ask this morning: of all the MMOs out, what game do you think has the best death penalty option? Would you like to see more games adopt a "you'll probably lose the stuff you have with you" like Darkfall or EVE Online? Do you think having the light options in World of Warcraft is best? Let us know whose mechanics reign supreme!

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