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City of Heroes extends free transfers yet again

Eliot Lefebvre

City of Heroes players have been heavily anticipating the upcoming double experience weekend for understandable reasons -- there's no finer chance to get a character leveled, or take a character who hasn't been played in a while and bring them up to new heights. As the developers have been wont to do of late, they decided to sweeten the deal a fair bit -- specifically, they've decided to add in a healthy dose of moving your character wherever the heck you want.

That's right -- after the last extension, the team decided to further lengthen the period allowed for free server transfers. February 28th was originally slated to be the final day, but with the weekend so close, they've pushed it ahead another week, ending either on Sunday or Monday. (The official announcement says "Sunday, March 8th." This is doubtlessly a typo, as the calendar forbids such an interaction from taking place.)

An extended transfer period means that everyone you play should be well-positioned for the double experience weekend, as well as the upcoming changes to the game. So get your smackdown on in City of Heroes wherever you want, and ramp up for the big changes just over the horizon.

[ Thanks to Skystreak for the tip! ]

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