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Global Agenda introduces first patch

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

Global Agenda's patch 1.1 goes live today, bringing some welcome additions to the game. The list of new features was pretty long, and rounded out with a list of bug fixes and device changes, giving players plenty to look over.

Most importantly to many players, a friends list (and ignore list) has been added with this patch - a standard MMO feature that Global Agenda fans will be relieved to see added to the game. The UI has been fleshed out quite a bit as well, adding many new options that allow for more personalized gameplay: the option to choose your map type in the mercenary PvP queue is now available, for example. Crafting got a once-over as well, and you'll also find some new zones here and there.

The full patch notes can be seen at the official site, and there's plenty to look over. So read through them, then head into Global Agenda and start filling up that friends list!

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