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ASUS CEO talks tablets, smartbooks and Windows Phone 7 Series phones

Joanna Stern

Ever wonder about the man behind the insane amount of ASUS products we cover? We do too, which is why we jumped at the chance to sit down with ASUS CEO Jerry Shen here at CeBIT. Our lengthy discussion covered just about everything you can imagine, but we've clipped some of the highlights together for you in the video below. We're particularly taken with his excitement over Windows Phone 7 and his disinterest in the smartbook category. As for that EeePad or future tablet? You'll have to watch to find out...

Not able to roll the tape? Here's a Cliff Notes version.

On tablets...

Shen confirmed that they will be using a similar form factor to the Eee Pad that was on display at CES, but as a whole he feels software implementation is more important when it comes to this future "vertical" or "solution based" product, which is unlike a multi-purpose netbook. ASUS is working on the interface and an app store.

On smartbooks...
Despite the Snapdragon Eee PC that ASUS showed off last year, Shen isn't sold on putting ARM processors into clamshell form factors -- especially now that Intel has been able to close the price gap. He says ARM is best for this "one piece PC," and that x86 architecture provides a better experience in a netbook design.

On Windows Phone 7 Series...
"We think this is the first time Microsoft has really strong determination to win back the mobile phone." Enough said.

On ASUS having too many model numbers...
Shen seems to agree and implies that they are working on it.

On using Google Chrome...
Though we didn't tape Shen's response to our question on using Chrome on netbooks, he was adamant about not answering. He said it was a sore subject given their relationship with Microsoft.

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