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MSI's race car inspired F Series packs NVIDIA Optimus, we go hands-on

Joanna Stern

While MSI didn't have an official unveiling of the new F Series laptops at CeBIT, the 14-inch FX400 and 15.6-inch FX600 models and their NVIDIA Optimus placards were the first thing that caught our eye at the company's booth. In typical MSI fashion, it looks like there will be a number of configurations of the two models, but it appears that both with pack Core i5 processors and use NVIDIA's technology to automatically switch between the integrated and discrete GeForce GPU. While there's no word on availability, an MSI rep on hand suggested that the systems would start somewhere in between $800 to $1,000. That doesn't sound too bad, though the early units we got to play around with were a bit plasticy and the keyboards could sub as a trampoline. Those issues aside, we're quite excited that MSI's been added to the Optimus team, and that the company has designed a fairly nice looking chassis with a (thankfully) non-glossy lid.

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