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Redeye mini puts ThinkFlood's IR transmitter in a smaller, cheaper package


ThinkFlood released the Redeye in December of last year, which is a little unit that hooks up to your iPhone and, working with a separate app, turns Apple's handheld into universal IR remote. Our own Brett Terpstra liked the device, but said the unit was a little costly and could probably use a few tweaks. ThinkFlood has apparently made those tweaks, however, as they've now announced the Redeye mini, a smaller (and cheaper) form of the IR device. This one doesn't use the dock connector at all -- it's a tiny little unit that just plugs into your headphone port, and then can control any IR remote device with a free app.

The price is only US$49, much cheaper than the earlier device ($188). If you've been looking for a cheap and easy-to-use IR hookup for your iPhone, the Redeye mini might be just what you're waiting for. The press release does mention that the device requires you to run OS 3.2 on your iPhone, but given that the only date listed for sales so far is "Spring," ThinkFlood likely won't release until the new version is out anyway. But it'll be something to keep an eye on for sure.

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