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WoW Moviewatch: Gilnean Like Me


Gilnean Like Me is the newest movie by legendary machinima creator Gnomechewer. It is the story of an army of Forsaken who seek to raze Gilneas, only to discover something far more vicious than they were expecting. This video is absolutely astounding and is a lot of fun to watch. The visual work by Gnomechewer is riveting, and the way he lets his story unfold is clever and perfectly paced.

I think this kind of story is going to be more common when Cataclysm is released, but I'm glad Gnomechewer is helping to lead the charge. His instinct for visual techniques brings a lot of moodiness and horror to the tale of Gilneas, and helps frame the story of Greymane for new-to-lore audiences. If you have a friend who asks about the story of Gilneas, I think this movie is a great place to get them started. It not only shares bits of the story, but it communicates the genre of the lore.

Check out Gilnean Like Me, and let us know what you think!

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