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Y Combinator is seeking iPad app developers


Y Combinator is a relatively famous tech startup firm, a company that invests in startup companies on a regular basis, both to encourage innovation and of course to pick up a tiny share of the equity. Their latest RFS (or Request For Startups) has them asking specifically for companies interested in iPad applications, and the reasons for this interest are pretty intriguing. They say straight off the bat that they don't think the iPad is just bigger iPhone or another tablet computer -- they believe that "the iPad is meant to be a Windows killer. Or more precisely, a Windows transcender." Apple, they say, believes this as well, but rather than take on Windows face first, they've chosen to sideswipe them through the tablet platform. Consumers will pick up an iPad, and almost won't even notice that they're slowly using it more and more while neglecting their more traditional computers. And by the time the iPad is boasting apps that aren't even available on traditional PCs, it's game over.

Could it happen? Even Y Combinator admits that it's still only a possibility, but given that they're a company that makes their livelihood by investing in the future, it definitely seems like the windmill is turning in the iPad's direction.

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