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New Street Fighter IV iPhone media arrives on US shores


Though we all got a first eyes-on with Street Fighter IV's iPhone appearance not too long ago via an exclusive early look from GamePro, Capcom just officially released the first video of the game as well as a smattering of new screenshots (all 32 of which have been conveniently compiled by Andriasang).

And while the trailer seen above features the same two fighters (Ken and Ryu) that the last video did, we certainly don't mind getting another chance to marvel at the uncanny vision of Street Fighter IV being played competitively on iPhones; it's quite like being drunk in North Korea -- something just doesn't feel right. The trailer also gives a "Coming March 2010" at the end, so it would seem that we don't have too much longer before we'll be able to marvel at the game from the comfort of our own phones.

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