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WayForward behind another new WB game, 'Galactic Taz Ball'


Taz hate water, but love gallery

Is Taz even still a popular character? Warner Bros. seems to think so, having announced Galactic Taz Ball for DS, the latest to come from the longtime collaboration between WB and developer WayForward (most recently, the two announced Batman: The Brave and the Bold, but also partnered for Duck Amuck).

Galactic Taz Ball, set on floating chunks of Earth that Marvin the Martian is in the process of stealing, combines two forms of gameplay. In the "Overworld" areas, you control Taz by moving the stylus trackball-style, turning into a tornado if enough speed is gathered. In the "Underworld," the game becomes a "side-scrolling puzzle game" in which Taz explores the Martian's machinery. Taz Ball will be released in Europe and Australia this May, with a fall release following in North America.

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