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Engadget Podcast 186 - 03.05.2010

Trent Wolbe

RUSH to download the latest episode of the Engadget Podcast - before the lawyers beat you to it!

Hosts: Josh Topolsky, Nilay Patel, Paul Miller
Producer: Trent Wolbe
Music: Tom Sawyer

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00:02:21 - Apple sues HTC for infringing 20 iPhone patents
00:03:30 - Apple vs HTC: a patent breakdown
00:26:54 - Apple specifically going after Android in HTC lawsuit
00:27:56 - Google responds to Apple's HTC lawsuit: 'We stand behind our Android operating system'
00:31:12 - TiVo Premiere and Premiere XL usher in a brand new interface, optional QWERTY remote
00:31:25 - Live from TiVo's 'one box' press event
00:33:00 -TiVo Premiere hands-on (update: video!)
00:42:07 - Engadget is live from CeBIT 2010!
00:42:44 - NVIDIA Ion 2 now official; Acer, ASUS and Lenovo at the ready
00:45:10 - NVIDIA's Optimus technology shows its graphics switching adroitness on video
00:47:30 - Acer Aspire One 532G with ION 2 priced at an aggressive 379 euros
00:50:55 - Sony: Don't turn on your PS3 until PSN bug is fixed
00:55:45 - Project Pink QWERTY slider 'Pure' found in the wild, headed for Verizon?
01:01:53 - Exclusive: First Windows Phone 7 Series partner device unveiled (with video!)
01:05:10 - HTC HD2 and Windows Phone 7 Series: Just tell us no, Microsoft
01:06:30 - Microsoft sending mixed signals on Windows Phone 7 Series upgrades, HTC HD2 still in limbo
01:10:10 - Palm webOS 1.4 update hits Verizon's Pre Plus and Pixi Plus
01:19:06 - BlackBerry slider photos leak out!
01:20:02 - More BlackBerry slider pics appear -- is this the next Bold?
01:26:25 - The Engadget app for BlackBerry gets updated to 1.0.1

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