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Keepin' it real fake: HP Mini 5101 knockoff is almost as good, almost as expensive as the real thing

Tim Stevens

Coveting a beautiful new netbook but can't quite manage the $399 for a new HP Mini 5101/5102? Maybe this knock-off would fit your budget, looking more or less indistinguishable from the real thing. The ports have a slightly different layout (with some of them looking a wee bit askew) and the red hue here doesn't have quite the same lustre of the real thing -- but it is awfully close, right down to the chrome HP logo on the lid. How much would you pay for this piece of impressioned gadgetry? How about $337? Sure, the difference is enough to cover a copy of Heavy Rain, but could you live with yourself typing your e-mail every day on a lie? Beyond that, we have a suspicion this thing wouldn't last much longer than the Origami Killer's victims.

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