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Rumor: Best Buy sticks Core i7 logo on MacBook Pro page


When you're waiting so intently for something you know is just around the corner, even the slightest sign of a hint at the new arrival is worth a bit of excitement.

Today's moment of thrill (which is almost certainly just a website error, but you never know), courtesy of tipster Zach, is the appearance of a Core i7 badge on the Best Buy page for the 2.53Ghz 15" MacBook Pro. Other models are still showing the correct (as of this moment) Core 2 Duo badge, so there you go.

The appearance of new MacBook Pros has been on the rumor radar for months now, including a fairly specific report that's now more than 60 days overdue and a benchmark sighting recently. At this point, it's a race to see whether the new MBPs or the iPad will ship first.

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