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WABC-7 comes back on Cablevision, return to Oscar watching at DEFCON 4


Just that fast, the situation has been defused, as ABC-7 has suddenly reappeared on the screens of Cablevision viewers. It's been off for less than a day but despite missing a great Magic/Lakers matchup earlier in the day it's on just in time to see if Avatar actually takes the Best Picture trophy home for the 3D camp. The statement from WABC-TV president Rebecca Campbell:

"We've made significant progress, and have reached an agreement in principle that recognizes the fair value of ABC7, with deal points that we expect to finalize with Cablevision. Given this movement, we're pleased to announce that ABC7 will return to Cablevision households while we work to complete our negotiations."

No word on what those "deal points" are, but as long as our friend @Gartenberg gets to watch his Castle it's probably all for the best.

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