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Microsoft demos platformer across Xbox 360, Windows Phone, and PC


While we've been repeatedly assured by Microsoft that we'll hear more about gaming on the recently announced Windows Phone 7 Series in a few weeks at the company's MIX10 event, Engadget spotted some early footage of a company rep demonstrating a fairly basic platformer game being played seamlessly across a PC, a "Windows Phone 7 Series prototype device," and an Xbox 360. In a speech at TechEd Middle East, Microsoft's Eric Rudder (to his own admission) poorly played a game that then allowed him to save his position on a PC, pick it up on his (Windows) phone, and eventually move it over to his Xbox 360.

Otherwise, Rudder was at the conference to show off the company's development software, Visual Studio. He revealed that 90 percent of the code between each iteration of the game is shared (and then went on to speak about code in a way that made us start seeing stars). Sure, we'll see more official (and likely cooler) stuff on this soon, but for now we've got the speech just after the break.

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