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GDC10: DCUO debuting Mass Animation contest preview trailer

Kyle Horner

Question: What happens when SOE holds a worldwide contest wherein they provide a special edition of Autodesk Maya 3D -- accessed through the Mass Animation application on the DC Universe Online Facebook fan page -- replete with every asset required to animate in-game characters, then ask the community to submit their best efforts for the chance to see their work in a trailer for the game as well as win glorious prizes?

Answer: SOE announces that submissions came in from over 28 countries and that half the winning submissions were from participants beyond the United States. Considering that most contests are limited to the US (and sometimes Canada) this is a refreshing change of pace. Also, we're guessing that several "dudes" sent in animations specifically designed for Power Girl. The actual identities of the winners is still unknown, but we're guessing SOE is saving that news for GDC10 proper in order to maintain some extra suspense.

Now the contest is over, votes are in and SOE has announced they'll be debuting the "preliminary preview trailer" for the DC Universe Online Mass Animation contest during GDC 2010 on March 12th, at 1:00pm PST at the Autodesk booth #912. According to the official SOE press statement, "The video will feature an early rough segment of an upcoming CGI trailer and in-game character animation created by fans of the DCUO Facebook fan page." We just hope that the rest of us not attending GDC this year will get a chance to see the results sooner, rather than later.

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