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EA Sports mines your football data, and makes example out of Favre

Kevin Kelly

Brett Favre is one of the all-time greats. Still, he throws one untimely interception, and that's all people talk about. Just imagine if he threw 7 and a half million! That's the number EA highlighted during its EA Sports Opener last night in an extraordinary example of the game data the company collects from its players.

According to EA, Favre -- under our control -- has thrown 7,564,282 picks and counting. That's Hall of Shame material for sure. Each game of Madden played generates a single line of code, and that code gets sent to EA to the tune of over 173 million data instances every day. The company is mining all of this data in an attempt to make its Madden and NCAA Football games better every time you play them, but short of John Madden himself showing up at your door to explain what you're doing wrong, look for Favre to keep adding to the INT column.

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