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Lego Universe beta codes are starting to roll out

It's time to gather up your brightly colored blocks and figure out just what kind of cool things you're planning to build. Why? Because we're getting reports from around the Internets that the first invites for the beta for Lego Universe are starting to roll out to some very lucky gamers!

Offering what looks to be tons of fun hearkening back to our childhood (or in some of our cases, our continuing childhood) the Lego Universe beta opened up for sign-ups just a month ago. Prior to that, we saw a pretty awesome pirate zombie trailer and even some pretty slick looking alpha footage. If you haven't signed up for beta as yet, you'd best head over to the Lego Universe site now. (What are you waiting for!) If you already signed up, be sure to check those spam folders -- your invite could be waiting for you already. Meanwhile, we'll be over here, obsessively checking our mail for any sign of some brightly-colored Lego brick love.

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