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Fallen Earth: Faction Wars set to storm Facebook


Fallen Earth is having a banner week around these here parts -- first was the in-depth tour into their new iPhone app, then came the news of a Mac client, and now we've received word that Facebook will be getting its very Fallen Earth game entitled Fallen Earth: Faction Wars.

The announcement over on the site promises that this will be an application for those both new to the Fallen Earth universe and for current players of the MMORPG. Although it looks as though this will be separate from the MMO, it will still boast several aspects of its bigger brother, including crafting, PvP and character building.

The core of the game revolves around the struggle for control over nine "conflict towns," each of which will fall under the jurisdiction of one of the six Fallen Earth factions. Whether you choose to be a CHOTA, Tech, Vista, Lightbearer, Enforcer or Traveler, you should find several friends to aid you in this down-and-dirty brawl for supremacy. After building their characters up through missions and crafting, players can duke it out through a simplified combat interface, perhaps similar to the fights of such Facebook apps like Mafia Wars.

As more and more MMO studios are turning to Facebook to promote their titles through fan groups and social gaming, Fallen Earth should get a boost in visibility through this game. Expect to see Fallen Earth: Faction Wars soon, as Icarus Studios is hoping for a Q2 2010 release.

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