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Fable 2 episodic experiment deemed 'massively successful' by Molyneux

At the tail end of our GDC interview with Lionhead's Peter Molyneux, we remembered one more question we simply had to know: How well did Fable 2's episodic experiment go? We'll refresh your memory: Last August, Molyneux announced plans to release Fable 2 as a series of five downloadable "episodes," with the first one given away and the subsequent four priced at $10 each.

Molyneux's response: "That was hugely successful. There were something like over half a million. I think it was 600,000 downloads of the first episode, which was very, very cool." Of course, the first episode was free so how was the conversion rate? "It was a much higher than a normal conversion rate," Molyneux smiled. "Massively, massively successful, and I really love this relationship, which is much more sliced into episodes with consumers."

Of course, knowing where we were going with this particular line of questioning, Molyneux preemptively offered an answer."But we're not announcing whether that's coming out in this release," he said, tossing a smile towards the attentive PR people behind me.

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