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OnLive features 'cloud' session saves, disables graphics settings

In a demo of its upcoming streaming service, OnLive president and CEO Steve Perlman confirmed something long suspected -- players will not be able to adjust graphics settings. "We don't want somebody going and changing the settings to something different for what the game is optimized for," he told Joystiq in an interview during the 2010 Game Developers Conference. "We'll go and scale or adjust or do whatever changes we need to make in order to make it work."

Perlman also demoed an OnLive "cloud gaming" feature which will allow players to "suspend" action at any time and retrieve the session later through any OnLive source (PC, Mac or on TV). "This is also good if something happens to your connection," Perlman said. "Take as long as you want to resume. So, literally, you can pause a game with OnLive, quit -- suppose you're on your TV -- and then later on in the office a few days later, resume. And it will pick up where it left off."

According to Perlman, OnLive's lowest-end server resource offers twice the GPU performance of the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The service also has the ability to "virtualize" servers, allowing multiple players per server or creating dedicated servers for players for high-end games. "We can also go and, in principle, tie together multiple servers so you can get something like an SLI type of experience," Perlman concluded.

OnLive will launch this summer with various pricing and service models, which Perlman says may change as "statistics of usage" data is examined and the company learns what levels "peak loads" reach.

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