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WoW Moviewatch: Beware of the Baby B

Anne Stickney

Michael Gray is still feeling a bit under the weather, and I have heard no news on the status of the puppy, so! Today's offering is another of the winners of the Alienware Rise to Power contest! Beware of the Baby B is a charming little three minute story by Olibith, who we've featured before numerous times on WoW Moviewatch. Much like the other Rise to Power winners, it's a pretty jaw-dropping movie in terms of effects and production.

Beware of the Baby B is a tale about a baby beholder with a big appetite, and what happens when said appetite gets entirely out of control. The visual effects are, as always with Olibith's work, really well done -- there were only a couple of lines of voice work in the movie, but really that's all it needed. I liked the variation in shots from the eyes of critters, and the eyes of Baby B -- I've never seen a non-combat pet look quite as horrifying as it did here! The loading screen gag in the middle also cracked me up.

While I'm used to seeing... spicier stuff from Olibith, this departure from the usual entertaining norm was an awfully sweet, endearing little film, with music taken from the game that suited the whole piece quite nicely. As with the other winners we've highlighted so far, it's immediately obvious why the film won. Congrats to Olibith -- now take that fancy computer and make us some more movies to watch!

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